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Frequently asked questions

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How do we know you have our order?

You will receive a WorldPay confirmation that lets you know your payment has been made and you will receive a Welcome Letter within 48 hours of your submission (usually within hours of submitting). Your Welcome Letter confirms we have received your details. If you do not receive a Welcome Letter within 48 hours, please email Please be aware we do not accept general holiday queries, and will respond only to issues with delivery of your Welcome Letter or Touring Plans.

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When should we worry about not having received our Planner?

If you have not received your Touring Plans 8-10 days after ordering, please email immediately. It is likely your Plans went into your Bulk Mail Folder or were deleted as spam. We may not receive a ‘bounced-back’ email to alert us to the problem, so please be sure to let us know you have not received it. We will be happy to resend and will then request you send confirmation of having received it. Please be aware we cannot be responsible for email that is lost or rejected by your email provider.

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Will you help us choose dining, car hire, accommodation, etc?

We offer Touring Plans only, and do not perform any of the functions of a travel agent. However, your Plans will include suggestions for dining in each of the parks.

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We don’t know which parks we want to visit. Will you help us decide?

We require you to know which parks you would like to visit before you place your order. Again, the Brit Guide to Orlando will help you choose the best parks for your group.

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We don’t know which tickets to buy. Will you decide for us?

We won’t decide for you, but the Brit Guide  to Orlando will help point you in the right direction.

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We have used your Planner service before. Will we get the same Plan again the second time?

No. Let us know you are a second (or third) time user of our service and we will provide Plans designed with that in mind.

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What is a Busy Day Guide?

We provide you with an easy to understand guide for the duration of your stay, telling you which day each park is busy, moderate, or slow, so that you can choose the best day for your visit. If you want to plan well in advance, you’ll have the ability to do so. If you want to choose your park according to your whims or your stamina (or the weather!) on the day, you’ll be able to do that, too. Bear in mind park hours may not be announced more than 6 months ahead of travel. We suggest you order no sooner than 6 months ahead so that we can provide you with a Busy Day Guide. Busy Day Guides for orders placed more than 6 months in advance may not be accurate.

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How do we know if we need the Preschool Plans, Family Plans, or Adult Plans?

We suggest you use the Preschool Plans with ages 1-5, the Family Plans with ages 6-12 (or with mixed ages), and the Adult Plans with ages 13 and up.

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What’s the latest time frame you recommend for ordering?

We do not recommend ordering less than 2 weeks in advance. However, our minimum ordering requirement is 10 days. We cannot accept orders for delivery in fewer than 8 days.

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How soon should I order my Touring Plans?

We recommend 2-3 months in advance as the optimum time to order, as most attraction closures and refurbishments will be known at that time. *Please note: Attraction closures can occur at short notice or without notice.  However, if you would like to make dining reservations at Disney as soon as possible, you may want to order before the 180 day booking window opens and, if you simply would like to have your Plans several months in advance, that’s fine too. Just be aware some information (such as ride closures) may not be announced many months ahead.

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Where do I direct my questions?

If you have a question about your payment, please email Foulsham at If you have a problem with delivery of your Touring Plans, please email Please be aware we will not respond to general holiday questions.

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We have been to Orlando one or more times. Will we get anything out of the Planner?

Yes! A Planner client recently told us they have been to Orlando 7 times and have never felt so relaxed and efficient as they did with their Touring Plans. They also discovered things they had never seen before due to the tips and suggestions in their Plans.

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Why can I only do one thing per day?

You don’t have to! For example, you can begin with your Magic Kingdom plan, then move on to your Epcot plan, picking up where you left off at each park on another day. Or, go shopping in the morning, then visit Magic Kingdom in the evening, using the morning portion of your Magic Kingdom on another day. It’s your holiday; you have complete freedom to mix and match each day’s plan.

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We hate waiting in queues. Will our Plan get us onto the attractions without a wait?

No touring system can guarantee you won’t ever stand in a queue. But your Plans are designed to steer you toward each attraction during its slower times, as well as helping you make the best use of the various queue-beating systems, such as FastPass, which is essential during peak season. Many of our clients who travel during off season tell us they never waited longer than 5 minutes, even when the standby queue was 30 minutes or more.

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We don’t like to be on a schedule. Does our Planner force us to tour a certain way?

We don’t like to be on a schedule either! Your Planner is designed to be as flexible as you would like it to be, allowing you to follow it step by step or use it as a general guide to each day’s park or location. We point out the best way to tour, then allow you to set the pace, visiting the attractions you are most interested in and skipping any that don’t appeal to you.

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We like to tour Commando Style. Will our Planner do this for us?


Yes! Your Planner is designed to be as leisurely or as active as you choose to be on any given day. We guide you around the park, helping you visit the attractions in the most efficient order, making best use of FastPass while in the Disney parks and the best use of time in every park. If you can keep up the pace, your Planner can keep up with you!

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