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Touring plans

Family fun at Universal Studios (Virgin Holidays Ltd)

You have spent thousands of pounds on your holiday. An investment in a Brit Guide Touring Plan will help you make the most of every hard-earned pound.

The Brit Guide to Orlando’s Touring Plans offers you a brilliant day-by-day plan for your holiday.

And all this for just £40!
But you don’t even need to pay that much.
Purchase of the latest Brit Guide to Orlando entitles you to a special members’ discount.
So you pay just £30 for the ultimate insider guide to the magic that is Orlando.

Please note: Clients who used our service prior to 2013 will notice some updates to the format. Please be sure to read the FAQ so you are aware of what our service provides.

Also note your payment is for the Itinerary Planner only. The Brit Guide to Orlando book must be ordered separately (RRP £14.99). Click here to buy your copy


Let us take the stress out of your holiday …

…with our unique Touring Plans.

The Brit Guide Touring Plans will ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

This is a service no one else can offer, as we provide you with daily touring plans for the parks, attractions and shopping that you request. Your Touring Plan (which usually runs to 40 pages for a 2-week holiday) will:

  • walk you through your day so you make the most of your time and your tickets;
  • highlight any rides that may be closed for refurbishment;
  • include shopping guides if you plan to take advantage of all the savings to be had at the malls and outlets;
  • provide up-to-the-minute advice right from the source of the fun, as well as a host of Brit Tip Extras and Brit Picks (our special favourites) we can’t fit into the book;
  • and include your own special Busy Day Guide for the duration of your visit.

All you have to do is fill out the online form with your travel dates, choose the type of Plan you need (see our FAQ to help you decide which Plan is right for you), and indicate what you want to fit into your visit. Submit the form, with your payment, and you’ll receive, by email, your Touring Plan, which will consist of:

1         An official Brit Guide welcome from Susan and Simon Veness.

2     A daily plan for each of the parks, water parks and shopping centres you will visit.

3         Touring strategies in each day's plan that will help you avoid the longest queues and take advantage of the latest developments.

4         Alternative suggestions in case of bad weather.

5         A note of any rides/shows that are closed during your visit (please see our FAQ for further info).

6         A special selection of Brit Tip Extras and local advice.

7         Our Brit Picks – a guide to a range of personal favourites, from restaurants to attractions.

8         The ultimate insider knowledge, as Susan an Simon are based in the heart of the Orlando magic and are fully up to date on all developments.

9         Our special bonus: an EXCLUSIVE Platinum VIP Passport for Orlando Premium Outlets (not available to the public), with extra savings at select stores at this great shopping venue.

10 And best of all, you will receive a Busy Day Guide especially for your holiday dates so that you can assemble the best possible day-by-day plan.

All in all, it adds up to the most comprehensive package of specialised holiday info anywhere, and it represents the secret to the most fun, in the most hassle-free way, in the most exciting place on earth. What more could you ask for?

Please note: There is a minimum order period, so check online and apply in good time before your holiday (at least 10 business days). Book owners receive a discount on the price of the Touring Plans, so have it with you when you register as you’ll need a password from the book. The password is random and expires on 31 Dec of the edition’s year, no exceptions. We are not a travel agency or ticket service and you MUST know your park and shopping requirements in advance.

We urge you to read our FAQ before ordering, as it will assist you in choosing the right plan for your holiday, answer the most common questions we receive, and ensure you will order with confidence.


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If you have ordered your Touring Plan and have a query, please contact Susan Veness at


Please note, once your order has been placed or your Plan has been sent, we cannot enter into any further email correspondence regarding your holiday plans. You must know your requirements at the time of submission.




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