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Planning your holiday

Have we mentioned the importance of planning? It's vital! There is so much great stuff to do, you really have to prioritise and plan, plan, plan!  For the most in-depth guide there is, buy your copy of a Brit Guide to Orlando.

You could also buy a Touring Plan.

Here are just a few ideas on how to narrow down your must-do list and plan your perfect holiday.

  • Read up on what’s on offer: Highlight your must-do items in your book.
  • Choose your parks: Choose the parks you want to visit depending on your family's ages and likes and dislikes.
  • Be realistic: Don’t over-estimate what you can fit into a day. It is a holiday, after all.
  • Jot it down: Write a must-do list, and a like-to list.
  • Plan: Plan around your must-do list, then fit in as many extras as you comfortably can.
  • Think about travelling: Group the attractions you visit to minimise travelling.
  • Chill: Allow yourself chill-outbreaks during the day – at a pool, in a park or over lunch.
  • Avoid queuing: Use Simon and Susan’s park tips – in your Brit Guide to Orlando – to avoid the worst of the queues.
  • Be comfy: Wear comfortable clothes and, above all, comfortable shoes.
  • Buy your copy of a Brit Guide to Orlando.



Planning your holiday